international trade

Trade valid of contract

1.Offer and Consent; a) Types of Offer; Selling offer Buying offer Counter offer Firm offer Free offer Conditional offer; Offer subject to prior sale, offer subject to being unsold Offer an approval Offer subject to final confirmation 2.Contract Standard Conditions;… Read More ›

Trade business forms

1.Goods,shipment movement Export trade Import trade a) Direct trade b) Indirect trade c) Transit trade d) Intermediate trade e) Merchandising trade f) Switch trade g) Round-about trade 2. Classification according to the form of goods Visible trade Invisible trade 3…. Read More ›

Trade Payment

1.Payment under L/C 2. Payment by Draft a) D/P (Documents against payment) b) D/A (Documents against acceptance) 3. Other Payments a) Remittance, send money, transfer; T/T; telegraphic transfer M/T; mail transfer D/D; demand draft b) CWO; Cash with order; payment… Read More ›