How to make business

Kitchen interior design

Interior design interior design. Yes there are many kinds of interior design. Europe style, Asian style, American Style, Natural style, Modern style etc… I’m going to tell you about kitchen interior design on this post. We spend time at the kitchen while we… Read More ›

Business English Communication 5

Business English patterns; We have today opened …. We shipped your orders …. This credit is valid …. This credit shall shall be valid …. This L/C (letter of credit) expires on …. The ship …. is scheduled ….

Trade business forms

1.Goods,shipment movement Export trade Import trade a) Direct trade b) Indirect trade c) Transit trade d) Intermediate trade e) Merchandising trade f) Switch trade g) Round-about trade 2. Classification according to the form of goods Visible trade Invisible trade 3…. Read More ›

Trade Payment

1.Payment under L/C 2. Payment by Draft a) D/P (Documents against payment) b) D/A (Documents against acceptance) 3. Other Payments a) Remittance, send money, transfer; T/T; telegraphic transfer M/T; mail transfer D/D; demand draft b) CWO; Cash with order; payment… Read More ›