Business English

Trade valid of contract

1.Offer and Consent; a) Types of Offer; Selling offer Buying offer Counter offer Firm offer Free offer Conditional offer; Offer subject to prior sale, offer subject to being unsold Offer an approval Offer subject to final confirmation 2.Contract Standard Conditions;… Read More ›

Business English Communication 5

Business English patterns; We have today opened …. We shipped your orders …. This credit is valid …. This credit shall shall be valid …. This L/C (letter of credit) expires on …. The ship …. is scheduled ….

Trade business forms

1.Goods,shipment movement Export trade Import trade a) Direct trade b) Indirect trade c) Transit trade d) Intermediate trade e) Merchandising trade f) Switch trade g) Round-about trade 2. Classification according to the form of goods Visible trade Invisible trade 3…. Read More ›

Business English Communication 3

Business English patterns; This information should be …. The following firm has given …. …. regarding our financial situation As a reference …. A good reputation in …. Your bank has given us …. Will you favor us ….?