Puppies video cute

Do you like puppy? They are cute while baby. Many people raise puppy, cat, bird, fish etc…. while baby until die. They are so cute while they were baby. Is it right? I think like that. So I took these… Read More ›

Food photography Gimbap

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I like tuna gimbap that is my favorite gimbap. There many kinds of gimbap but today i’m going to tell you about tuna gimbap. Ingredients; Rice Gim Tuna (mayonnaise, lemon juice) Perilla leaves, julienned Carrot Egg…

Food photography

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Hello everyone  This is another stir-fried rice cake. While cooking can eat in the same time. Also there are some different ingredients. Squid  Rice cake Egg Green onion Stir-fried rice cake sauce  Fish cake Mandu  Thank…