Business & Economy

Trade valid of contract

1.Offer and Consent;

a) Types of Offer;

  • Selling offer
  • Buying offer
  • Counter offer
  • Firm offer
  • Free offer
  • Conditional offer; Offer subject to prior sale, offer subject to being unsold
  • Offer an approval
  • Offer subject to final confirmation

2.Contract Standard Conditions;

a) Quality conditions; Sample, type, standard, trade mark, specification

b) Amount (quantity) Conditions; Length, extent, weight, capacity, number

c) Price Conditions; exporter and importer currency, third-country currency mark

d) Delivery (transfer) Conditions; Marine transport, air transport, Railway transport, Container transport, Composite transport

e) Insurance Conditions;

f) Payment Conditions;

g) Adjustment of claim Conditions;


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