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Do you like dirty place? Do you like so hot(50 and + degree) weather? Maybe many people will say no, i like clean place and i don’t like so hot weather. Yes, in summer many people like to go to beach to swim and to sunbath. We use sun cream to care body from harmful of sunlight. As there is a atmosphere on the world, still is danger to stand long time under the sun. Even the weather just 35 degree we say ‘it’s so hot’.What if the weather were 55 degree or more?

Climate change, This is actually sensitive subject. Even we throw up small trash it could be danger for our world. Yes, i said our world because our world. Isn’t better to make clean and healthy?

We know it since old days and until now is changing the weather and the temperature of world. On the north hemisphere has could snow on April or it can have snow in desert. Another example, the glaciers around polar regions. Especially around the world. These are just a few examples.

There are many reason to affect climate change. These are natural factors and of human beings. We already can’t stop it natural factors, but we can do better life more than now.

I often say technology is changing and improving everyday. We can use the technology more efficiently. And especially these days we use it. While building car, using natural resource for energy, building even house i mean building, manufacturing and using many things etc…. These are good things for clean and healthy world.

We already do but i believe it and wish we will do good business, healthy life, great technology, good education, good things more than now. For these education is so important.

Thank you.


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