Samsung has introduced new smart phone

Galaxy A70 and A80;

Samsung really do hard work? Samsung has already just introduced GALAXY S10 and FOLD.

Samsung work fast? Why i’m asking these questions?

In Korea there is a discourse 빨리 빨리. That’s mean fast fast. To do something fast or finish fast it’s good but in the same time while we doing something fast we can make mistake(s).

But how Samsung can introduce new smart phones in short time like this? To work hard but disciplined.

If you have real vision and follow that vision you can be successful.

I also watched that introducing show. That atmosphere was great. Especially that screen was great. When the phone come to screen the lights turn off around of saloon and you can focus only on screen. When the come to phone on screen you have to focus on screen. That place is designed like you have to focus on screen.

Galaxy A70; Specifications

  • Display; 6.7” FHD+ (1080*2400)
  • SUPER AMOLED Infinity-U Display
  • Camera; Rear, 32MP(F1.7) + 8MP (F2.2) + 5MP (F2.2), Front 32MP (F2.0)
  • Memory; 6GB, 128GB, Expandable up to 512GB
  • Battery; 4500 mAh, 25W Super Fast charging, USB Type C
  • Processor; Snapdragon 675, Octa-Core
  • OS; Android Pie, Samsung One UI

To be continued….


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