Business Letter (Styles of the Letter) part 2

1.Styles of the letter;

a) Indented Style;

Progressed in England. Include all composition requisites.

b) Block Style;

Progressed in United State America.

c) Full Block Style;

All composition elements on left side.

d) Semi Block Style;

On the first line to inside 3-5 blank

e) Overhanging Style

f) Simplified Style

2. Punctuation;

a) Open Punctuation;

Comma (,), Period (.) omission method. These often use with block style and full block style letter.

b) Closed Punctuation

Comma (,), Period (.). often use with indented style letter.

c) Mixed Punctuation

After first greet add Colon(:) or Comma (,), Complimentary Close also use it Comma (,). Often use with semi block style, by email usually write with full block style letter.


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