Biggest Airplane has take off

I’m interested also airplanes. I watch some videos about airplanes or read news.

The planes have built with advanced technology. Airplane technology has been developing about for 100 years and is still developing. The most famous airplane companies are Airbus and Boeing. We know it this. But these companies are for traveler,passenger.


I want to say to you about largest airplane…..

Largest airplane has built by Stratolaunch. Stratolaunch is company of rocket launch. The plane has;

  • Wing wide; 117 meter
  • Weight; 226 ton
  • Double former

This huge plane name is Roc. The Roc business is not for travel and passengers.The airplane(Roc) is designed to release rockets that would project into orbit around the planet.

When we say the space we first think some company. But the world is changing, new companies founding and the companies developing themself. In the same time also technology is developing so fast. Therefore it will increase aircraft building company in the future.

This is economy business challenge. Almost all company want to be best. But it is not easy to be best or one of the best.

Congratulations to Stratolaunch company.


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