Samsung and Huawei has folded the screen but Iphone updated, business

The other days Samsung, Huawei and Iphone has introduced new smart phone models.

Iphone has introduced IphoneX (10) model. Maybe many people were thinking Iphone will introduce Iphone 11 but Iphone has been continuing to introduce X series. The other day Iphone has introduced IphoneXR, IphoneXS and IphoneXS MAX models.

After introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has introduced Galaxy S10, GalaxyS10+ and Galaxy Fold.

Huawei has also introduced Mat X Foldable model.

These three biggest of technology companies (Smart phone) are in a challenge. Every year they manufacture new smart phone and introduce to the world. They try to update phone system technical system, change design of phone etc….

To be one of the best they work hardly. But i recognized something. Iphone has updated system and didn’t change design much. It has continued X series. But Samsung and Huawei has did novelity and introduced Foldable smart phone. If the Foldable smart phone answer the purpose maybe we will use various of foldable smart phone in the future. The either companies will change smart phone design?

Why Iphone has continued X series? Iphone is manufacturing new smart phone behind of scene? Maybe.

I wanted to tell you somethings about smart phone. Because the smart phones are making occupy our life. Yes, the smart phones are a part of our life.

Thank you.


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