What is Business?

What is Business?

An economic system, an organization, an exchange, a communication, an enterprising entity etc…. Business has so wide meaning.

For example; you have a textile company and you sell these products or you want to do business with any company. First; you want know which company do similar business in country or abroad. You research companies and than you find related company so you want to know about that company. You look company’s vision, mission and history.And you try to contact with that company by email. You explain that you will do business. After contact to you do analyse about economy, you organize procedure after you decided to come to an agreement you do business.

I just tried to explain simple. When you read that example you can get know it business how wide is the meaning.

Business is;

  • Economy
  • Analyse
  • Organization
  • Strategy
  • Exchange
  • Agreement
  • Communication
  • Trade
  • Management

I hope it would be helpful .

Thank you.


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