Nature rain photography video

Hello everyone

Some countries have rain season. During one weeks could rain. Every place have different seasons. It’s winter in some place but another place can be summer.

The rain Ian abundance. But if it rain much can be act of God. But for example it’s summer season and the weather so hot. You want something make you to cool. You can drink cold water or cold beverages. When you drink that cold water or beverage just that time you feel better and just a few minutes later it’s getting hot. Or you swim on the sea or swimming pool.

But let’s think like this. The weather is hot but suddenly got cloudy and the rain started. The weather is getting cool. Until finish rain you can feel cool. And after finish rain still have cool weather.

You are in the home. You are reading books or somethings. It’s raining outside and you are hearing rain drop sound.

You are at the cafe. You are drinking coffee and it’s playing slow music and you are watching rain.

Do you like rain drop sound and watch the rain?

I like it.

The rain sometimes make survive in this world make cool the weather and also which need water.

To be continued….

If the video doesn’t work just you can let me know on comment.

Thank you.


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