Interior design and Natural stone


Hello everyone 😊

We travel to many countries and cities. Sometimes just cultural travel sometimes beach, sea, swimming etc…

When we travel for beach, sea and swimming so we sometimes swim at the sea or swimming pool.

when we swim at the swimming pool we look at around how they designed it interior. (Inside) If it’s really good we say ‘yes design is really good and I like it’ I mean we like there. So you want to swim there and you enri go there again again or maybe again.😊

So when you look at the picture the swimming pool around designed by natural stone, marble and decoration with decorative.

The colors also supply to each other. It’s looks good.

i hope you like it.😊

If you interested and to detail information just contact with me.

Thanks for reading 😊5E6C73D2-E434-4BDF-9458-0B0C8065CF5C

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