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Location is Kusadasi Turkey

If you want beach, cultural travel Kusadasi will better for you.

Kusadasi is famous and tourism city in Turkey. Location is next to AegeanSea. You can find many five stars hotels, holiday resorts, fish restaurants, traditional food restaurants, cafes, you can drink famous Turkish Cafe.

And around the Kusadasi city you can find historical and nature places. One of famous place Ephesus is not far away from Kusadasi. you can take a minibus ( Dolmus) and it takes just 20-30 min to Ephesus. You can see the historical places and Mosques. 

Another one of famous place is Pamukkale. You can take a bus with travel agency tour and it takes 2h 30min to Pamukkale. It is natural, geographic place.

And Dilek Yarim Adasi National Park. if you want to go to National Park you can take a minibus and it takes 20-30…

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