Food photography stir-fried rice cake, 떡볶이, 라뽁이

Hello everyone

Today I’m going to tell you about food. This is 떡볶이 stir-fried rice cake. 라뽁이

When i first tried to eat rice cake with spicy sauce i couldn’t eat well because of taste. I felt different taste. But now I really like it. It’s so delicious for me. I ate and in time got delicious.

There is only rice cake in some stir-fried rice cake. But some stir-fried rice cake there are fish cake, noodle, egg etc… and i want to say this stir-fried rice cake is more delicious with fried fish cake (튀김 오뎅).

Stir-fried rice cake is spicy food. But these cold days stir-fried rice cake can make warm to inside.

So I want to say ingredients about food on picture. 

  • Stir-fried rice cake spicy sauce 
  • Fish cake
  • Long and circular race cake
  • Noodle
  • Egg

Thanks for reading.


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