Nature photography

I took these pictures with my friends.

The air is clean but the weather was hot.

Location is Busan South Korea.

Nature picture

You know many things make tired to us. Work, study etc… Yes to work or study are good but we are human and we tired. So we sometimes want to rest and go to quiet place especially who live in big city.

Where we can rest?

We worked hard on weekdays and finally been weekend but you do not want to go to somewhere you just want to be in home or to go to quiet place outside of the city with family

Or you are student and you studied hard especially during exam time so finally weekend or finished exams. you can just want to be in home or you can want to go to quiet place to rest.

What is this quiet place?

When you look at the picture you can see many trees like the forest. I went there it was so quiet to rest and if the wheater is cool of cours it’s better. But if you go to similar place and if you walk so much that makes you tired and that is not resting. You shoud walk enough.

What is the important? to walk? 

Kinds of that place trees sound and fresh air make feel better and rest to us. 

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading.


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