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Hello everyone 

I hope you are fine. 

I want to tell you about my website and me. I’m university but left just 1 year to graduation. But I’m not 22 or 23 years old. After graduated high school i entered university after study 2 years I changed my major and university.

So I like to research somethings. Even I’m just in home I research about many things. For example I read some news on internet but I try to find same news on another website to be sure or I researched something about history I read on a book but I read also another book to be sure. I mean if I want to learn something or somethings I don’t use, read just one source to be sure. Because I don’t want to get wrong information and I don’t want to share wrong information to people. If I know something I want to teach true.

So I’m not professor but I already told I like to research something and teach. Of course I can’t research all things. And I like to learn. But I still don’t know many things.

What are my interests?

Since elementary school I’m into geography, meteorology and football. I’m into also foreigner languages, history, fashion, design (interior and product but I don’t know well about product design), my major is business, I’m into also space (but basically because I don’t know physic well. Space and quantum physic), culture, art and sports (some). I have innovator, improve personality.

So what should I share for you will be better? What do you want to see on my website? Of course I have some subjects but I wrote my ability and your comments and thinking are important for me.

Thanks for reading.


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