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Hello everyone 

You know what is the mean skin care. Man or woman do skin care.

I’m into the cream, mask pack to skincare. Of course to skincare cosmetics are not only enough. Life style, foods are also important. 

Face skincare;

We should wash our face after woke up and before sleep. With foam cleansing. After wash our face have got dry. So we need emulation, moisturizer. Before moisturizer it can use toner ( I suggest ). And serum

For eyes;

If you don’t give water to soil the soil get dry and crack. So after wash face get dry and if we don’t use cream can be chap. So there are many eyes creams too. 

And mask pack ( one a week, twice a week etc…) 

But this is also important. It’s important to choose cream which is well matched with your face.

Note : everyone has different face types. Some people don’t use face but after wash doesn’t get dry. Before buy cream first you should go to doctor and you should learn your face type.

I’m not doctor but I went doctor and I researched about skincare and experience so I tried to give some information.

I hope you like it.

Thank you.


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