Study and Preparing Presentation

Hello everyone 😊

Actually Today is off day. Many people rest their home, shopping alone or with family, friend(s) but I couldn’t rest today because I had to prepare my preparation with my friend.

Maybe this is difficult we prepared on Korean language. I’m not native Korean. But I learned and still learning.

So I met with my friend at the cafe to prepare presentation. You know this is famous many people drink cafe while working or study.

We were drinking cafe while preparing presentation but actually I couldn’t finished my cafe because I focused it my presentation. Maybe it’s sad.

I like vanilla latte warm or cold. But I couldn’t finished. But later when I go to cafe I want to drink all. 😊

So i took this picture before drink coffee. I tried to drink vanilla latte hot. If the weather is cool or cold I drink hot vanilla latte but if the weather is hot I drink cold vanilla latte. It’s better for me.

I hope you enjoy my writing.

Thanks for reading😊CB5FE1B0-DE62-43AF-AD52-20328EAAC0B4


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