Business English

Hello everyone 😊

In our life maybe everyday we learn new things or things. Even we are seventy years old we can learn somethings.

The life is learning.

We start to learn from kindergarten class until graduate from university. That is only school education. But we also learn to something or somethings about life during our life.

To learn is good. Because if we learn and if we have new information many informations we can know what is that or we can comment about somethings…. and if someone ask question to us we can answer etc….

I also still learning many things so one of them is business Englis.

Why I learn business english?

You know English is global language in the world. If you go or travel some country and if you can’t speak that country’s language you first think to speak English. And if you get a job in big company or international company you must know English especially business English.

That is plus point for you.

My major is business so it’s good to learn business English. And I wish I will learn very well. I have to study hard😊

That book will help me to learn business English. I already know business english little bit but it’s not enough and I started this book.

I want to say something to you ‘don’t hesitate to learn something, to learn is good’ of course good things. And to learn something try to read and travel new place.😊

Thanks for reading.😊6EB7918A-CB4E-4198-AE13-4B6E32450343



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