Daily 3

Hello everyone 😊

Actually today my feeling wasn’t good. I’m still🙁 but I wish I will be fine 😊

Today also I went to kitchen that cooking by students at the university. I wonder and I asked to teacher ‘ May I join to your class?’ He said ‘ yes, sure.’ So I joined that class and I looked how they cook and how they learn to cooking.


It was different experience for me to went there. And I want to say thank to teacher to invite me to kitchen.😊

I sometimes cook in my home but I’m not a chef. But the chefs cook well and the tastes are so good.

Maybe these students will be good chefs in the future. Good luck for them😊

I went kitchen and I took some pictures. And I want to share that pictures on this post.

These days I take pictures much. Could be I photographer? Like the professional? Need to work much I think so but to take picture is my hobby.2A2A6DE9-D84E-4002-870A-992EBDF65DB1

Thank you teacher

Thanks for reading😊



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