Daily 1

Hello everyone 😊

i will tell you that I took this picture.

it was weekday. I went to university at 1:30pm because I had business English class that time. After class I was hungry so I wanted to eat somethings.

There are global zones at the our university to practice English and to make friends. I went to global zone after class. I practiced English and I ate something there they gave me somefood. I thank for them😊 after I practiced English,played chess and ate food I was going home and I looked at the sky the weather was good also the sky was looks beautiful so i took that picture. The sun light seems little behind the clouds and the clouds looks beautiful. The time was 5pm.

if I see like that similar sky I will try to take pictures and share with you.😊

Thanks for ready😊53650AFA-0F1E-40A0-AC1B-19C32A85CFE7.jpeg


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